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Fee Status


This page details the fee status appeal process that applies to all applicants and current students, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Before you can request a Fee Status Appeal

Your fee status must be reviewed by your Admitting Body before you can request an appeal. Undergraduates (current and offer holders) at Christ's, Gonville & Caius, King's, Newnham, Murray Edwards, Peterhouse, St John's, Queens', Lucy Cavendish, Selwyn and Wolfson College should contact their College's Admissions Office to request a fee review. Undergraduates at all other Colleges should request a fee status review by the central University by submitting a completed Fee Status Assessment Questionnaire and supporting documentary evidence (listed in the questionnaire) to

For postgraduates, your Admitting Body will be the Postgraduate Admissions Office, Institute of Continuing Education, Faculty of Education, or Judge Business School, depending on your course.

Fee Status Appeal Process

  1. You must submit your Appeal within 15 working days of being notified of the outcome of the fee status review by your Admitting Body. This deadline may only be extended in the event of exceptional circumstances, such as illness.

  2. The grounds for a Fee Status Appeal are:

    • based on evidence previously submitted, you consider the fee status decision to be incorrect; and/or

    • procedural irregularities have occurred, which were material or potentially material to the decision reached; and/or

    • Your Admitting Body or the Student Registry have advised you to submit a formal Appeal to the University

  3. You must complete the Fee Status Assessment Appeal submission form and submit all supporting evidence. The form and supporting evidence will then be submitted to the University Appeal Panel.

  4. A meeting of the Appeal Panel will be arranged to take place within 15 – 20 working days of receipt of the form and supporting evidence.

  5. The Panel will email you to acknowledge receipt of the form and supporting evidence, and to explain that a reply will be issued within 20 working days.

  6. You cannot submit further supporting evidence once the form has been submitted, unless the Appeal Panel requests further information to reach its decision.

  7. The Panel will only accept a submission from the student / applicant yourself and will only reply to correspondence from you directly, unless you give express written consent that a third party is representing you, for example, a parent or legal representative.

  8. The Panel’s decision will be made within the legal framework of the Education (Fees and Awards) (England) 2007 Regulations, as amended, and the Higher Education (Fee Limit Condition) (England) Regulations 2017, as amended.

  9. The Panel should reach a decision within 20 working days of the request (form and supporting evidence) being received; however, in some instances, this may not be possible. Such instances may include:

    • the need to seek further legal advice,

    • the availability of Panel members, particularly during the vacation period,

    • absence of Panel members

  10. If a decision is likely to be delayed, this should be communicated to you.

  11. The Panel will make one of two decisions: the fee status will either be:

    • Home or

    • Overseas.

    There is no other option available to the Panel.

  12. The Panel’s decision is final. There is no further recourse to appeal within the University.

  13. If the Panel decides that your fee status is Home, you must be made aware that the Student Loans Company may not make the same decision.

All appeal correspondence should be sent to the University's Fee Policy Manager at